Training Seminars (picture using rainbow colour Braille)



Who is this beneficial for?

The target audience of this one-day accessibility training is council building consent and inspection staff with varied knowledge and experience levels.

However, it is useful to anyone wanting to up-skill around the area of accessibility legislation and accessible design e.g. Architects, and urban designers.


What are the outcomes?

  • Increased and reinforced accessibility knowledge across key acts, standards and codes.
  • Techniques that can be applied to achieve better outcomes for accessibility, while respecting the confines of the Building Act 2004.
  • Deeper understanding of the challenges disabled people face on a daily basis, through visualisation and stories delivered face to face by local people with disabilities.


The seminars are run 'on-demand' only and the costs will vary depending on location, numbers and venue. 

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sample seminar content



Morning Session:

  • Accessibility legislation
  • Compliance pathways
  • Acceptable solutions
  • Acceptable solution conflicts
  • Alternative solutions
  • As nearly as is reasonably practicable (ANARP)
  • Sacrifice & Benefit analysis
  • Accessibility principles

Afternoon Session:

  • A presentation or story from 2-3 locally sourced guest speakers who have a lived experience of impairment or a disability. Typically the speakers will be a person with visual impairment and a person that uses a wheelchair.
  • A group exercise where everyone (including the guest speakers) will perform a walkover assessment of a local building or environment and observe real world barriers. During this time participants can freely talk with the guest speakers to learn how they navigate, interact, and respond to the environment around them. 
  • An informal evaluation quiz to recap the day’s leaning, which includes a few smaller design challenges to make sure the principles discussed during the day are recalled and retained. 

After the seminar all attendees will receive:

  • An attendance certificate sent as a PDF file
  • An email with hyperlinks for downloading referenced course and reading material




Optional content

Options for the content to be tailored to meet your organisation specific needs, including adding in specific subjects like earthquake strengthening, designing an alternative solution, and universal design are all available.

For inquiries about my seminars please get in touch