Jason Strawbridge (picture using rainbow colour Braille)

Jason Strawbridge

My background is in architectural design, however after graduation and thanks to my strange interest in legislation this quickly evolved into me becoming the go-to person for information on the NZ Building Act and Building Code in my places of work.

After seeing a close family member's experience with sudden disability, I decided to focus on accessibility matters. It's an area that appears to be poorly understood and implemented within NZ, but when it's done right can make a huge difference in the lives of people with impairments or disabilities.

Good accessibility provides people and their families equal opportunities, independence and dignity, while undertaking normal processes and activities within the built environment.

Accessibility is not just a nice to have, its a legislative requirement to provide for many buildings to which the public may have access to.

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My experience covers a diverse range of buildings including:

  • Heritage & historic buildings

  • War memorials

  • Banks

  • Office blocks & retail spaces

  • Cafe & restaurants

  • Government buildings

  • Schools and education

  • Railway stations & transport interchanges

  • Town halls & community centres

  • Religious buildings

  • Museums & art galleries

  • Hotels, motels and other accommodation

  • Pack houses & cool stores

  • Public pools & recreational buildings/facilities

  • Retirement villages

  • Hospitals & medical centres

  • International level event & convention centres

  • Circuses

  • Factories & industrial

And public realm elements including:

  • Civic areas

  • Streetscapes & pedestrian routes

  • Botanical gardens

  • Parks/Reserves

  • Bush tracks



My vision is that one day the built environment of New Zealand will be free of its current barriers to participation and therefore can be accessible for everyone regardless of ability.



Strawbridge Accessibility Limited (SAL) is a registered limited liability company that was incorporated on 12 April 2012 and is 100% NZ owned and operated. SAL is insured with Lumley General Insurance for its scope of training and consultancy work.